All of our busses are tracked 24/7 – that’s our safety guarantee. Tracking our fleet allows us to always keep tabs on what’s happening. We always know where you are to ensure your journey is a safe one. This level of tracking also conveniently allows us to keep you updated, should a bus arrive late for example, but more importantly always serves a primary function: To keep you safe and sound on the road, and to keep us informed and alert.

Workshop employees are responsible for ensuring a high standard of mechanical aptitude to ensure the on-time and accurate repair and/or service of all CAG Travellers Coach buses.

CAG has qualified Workshop employees in positions that include Foreperson, Leading Hand, Tradesperson, Mechanic (air conditioning, heavy vehicle, and light vehicle), Auto Electrician, Engine Re-builder, Trades Assistant, Storeperson and Workshop Cleaner.

Service Intervals

At CAG we do trip checks after every trip when each bus arrives at our depot. All our buses are maintained with brand new and genuine spares.

General Service
Our fleet has buses that are regularly service at 20,000km

Major Service
at 40,000km

We have 24hr call center for breakdowns. Should you experience any breakdowns on our buses please call: +263-773-020-394